7 Signal | The Wi-Fi Performance Company

7signal Solutions, a leading wireless company for Wi-Fi / WLAN performance assurance and optimization solution, enables a proactive approach to making Wi-Fi dependable and efficient in mission critical deployments found in healthcare, education, and other enterprises. The system saves network equipment and operational costs by providing the continuous measurements and analysis required as Wi-Fi networks grow in size and importance. 7signal has developed Sapphire to provide a proactive, continuous and comprehensive way to ensure fast, reliable WLAN operation by providing unique visibility into the "last mile" of the wireless network

Cardinal Commerce

Cardinal Commerce, purchased by Visa (NYSE: V) in 2016, is the pioneer and global leader in enabling authenticated payment transactions in the card-not-present payments industry, and the largest authentication network in the world. Through One Connection to the proprietary Cardinal SafeCloudTM, the company’s technology enables friction-free, technology-neutral authentication and alternative payment services (including digital wallets and mobile commerce services). Cardinal services, partners with, and complements most providers in the marketplace to deliver their One Connection solution to secure transactions. In accommodating this growing number of payment brands and methods, Cardinal's platforms serve as universal switches, supporting virtually all merchant platforms, wallets, legacy processing systems, and authentication methodologies.

Cleveland Heart Lab | Know your risk.

Cleveland HeartLab is a leading diagnostics company specializing in the detection, prevention, and management of cardiovascular disease from a proprietary product pipeline licensed exclusively from the Cleveland Clinic, the global leader in cardiac health. Through its reliable group of biomarkers, Cleveland HeartLab is recognized as a leader in defining individual cardiovascular risk with the goal of educating and serving physicians, reference laboratories, wellness providers, and ultimately the individuals behind the tests. Cleveland HeartLab has determined the importance of monitoring an individual's inflammation as a key way to assess his or her near-term risk in developing cardiovascular disease.


enosiX is mobilizing tomorrow's enterprise software experience by customizing the delivery of a companys 's data at the touch of a finger. Unlike any other solution, the enosiX framework allows development of native applications and features offline capabilities. Users can create, read, update, and delete in real-time while significantly reducing IT costs with the elimination of middleware.

hemosphere | Resotring Lives, Revolutionizing Care

Hemosphere, purchased by CryoLife (NYSE: CRY) in 2012, is leading innovation and collaboration in the global development and commercialization of technologies that revolutionize care and restore quality of life for end-stage renal disease patients with compromised vasculature. The company's HeRO vascular access device is made up of two pieces that are surgically implanted under the skin. During surgery, a reinforced tube (called the outflow component) is inserted directly into a large vein in the neck. X-ray is used to direct the tube past any blockages that have caused trouble for other access sites. A regular dialysis graft is sewn to an artery, just like a conventional graft. The graft is then joined to the outflow component with a special proprietary connector. Once the system is in place, blood will flow from the artery through the graft and outflow component into the heart. Unlike a catheter, there is continuous blood flow even when a patient is not receiving dialysis treatment.

OrthAlign | Precise. Alignment. Simplified.

OrthAlign provides orthopedic surgeons with user-friendly, cost-effective, precision alignment technology and products. The company's technology raises the standard of care in Total Knee and Total Hip Arthroplasty surgeries by making consistent and measurable results accessible to all surgeons, hospitals, and patients. OrthAlign provides simple and precise technical alignment solutions for a broad range of orthopedic procedures.

OrthoHelix | Surgical Designs, Inc. | Surgeons speak. We delivier.

OrthoHelix Surgical Designs, purchased by Tornier (NASDAQ: TRNX) in 2012, is a medical device company focused on developing and marketing specialty implantable screw and plate systems for the repair of small bone fractures and deformities predominantly in the foot and ankle. The OrthoHelix product line is designed specifically for orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists who surgically repair small bones. The Company's mission is to develop and deliver to surgeons innovative orthopedic implants and instruments to elevate the art of small bone surgery. OrthoHelix instruments and implants: are designed for maximum ease of use and functionality utilizing modern ergonomic principles; are engineered to protect the soft tissue surrounding small bones; are long-handled to allow surgeons to avoid excess radiation during surgery; allow minimally invasive techniques wherever possible; incorporate unique technology to improve patient outcomes.

RevLocal | Personalized Digital Marketing

RevLocal is a leader in personalized digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses. By pairing businesses with a dedicated digital strategist and a powerful backend platform, RevLocal delivers seamless local search marketing validated by thousands of existing customers and discovered daily by new ones. In 2016, RevLocal was named an Inc. top 50 best places to work and, for the third consecutive year (one of only 27 companies), was named to the Inc. 500 list of rapidly growing companies.

TgX | Merdical Systems

TGX Medical Systems develops software for healthcare instrument asset management. Their "Alex" suite is the leading supply chain management solution for the medical and surgical equipment industry and is the first web based asset management system. A key tangible benefit of Alex is reduced costs associated with the purchase, repair, reprocessing, recalls and utilization of medical and surgical instruments and equipment. Intangible benefits of Alex include improved cooperation between the central supply departments and operating rooms, verification and assurance of proper sterilization and decontamination methods, timely delivery of care, more accurate costing of patient services, improved employee productivity, and a reduction in time spent with regulatory agencies. TGX's position as a premier healthcare industry asset management software solution is evidenced by their ever expanding list of North American hospitals.

Vox Mobile | Complete Enterprise Mobility

Vox Mobile is a leading provider of managed mobility services, focused on mid-size and small enterprise customers. The company's unique end-to-end mobility solution combines software and services, encompassing the full mobility lifecycle from deployment, activation, management, and security, to applications, end-user support and reporting.